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Compliance is a nebulous and often difficult area of the legal world, but Rachael Giannetti and her passion for compliance are working to demystify the industry and provide clarity and help to those who need it. Currently, Rachael is serving as a Compliance Manager for a registered New York, Florida and New Jersey Mortgage Broker specializing in residential loans, a position she has held since January of 2011.

Rachael has been responsible for numerous implementations and developments. She has established and maintained detailed Policy and Procedures — including AML, CIP, FCRA, Cyber Security and more — that are in adherence with federal and state regulations. She also coordinates quarterly simulated audits with independent auditors to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis. Moreover, she has developed an expertise in forward and reverse mortgage underwriting guidelines.

While some may find compliance to be dull or arduous, Rachael Giannetti likes what she does and enjoys the challenge. As someone who has always been detail-oriented, she loves the intricacies of her work and the significance of her position. Compliance is an ever-changing industry that varies as you move state-to-state. Learning the differences between them, while staying on top of the ever-evolving language and specifics, can be a challenge. Nonetheless, Rachael finds reward in making complicated jargon easier and more comprehensible for borrowers. Rachael even creates proprietary policies and disclosures to make certain clients understand their loan products. The key to a borrower’s successful comprehension is to ensure that disclosures are translated into clear everyday language.

Since Rachael is truly engaged in her work, she takes the time to read and digest everything she’s given in order to implement regulations in a practical manner. She will even work with lenders on their disclosures to ensure the language is correct across the board. Whether they are small or large lenders, no one is immune to typos and misprints. Thus, Rachael Giannetti is there to watch with an eagle-eye and catch them as they happen.

Rachael Giannetti is the perfect example of why passion is key to a successful compliance department. In a high-risk environment like the world of compliance, you must do everything thoroughly the first time. There is no room for error; you must be at the top of your game each day.

Rachael Giannetti earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Hofstra University, where she also minored in Political Science. She then attended the University of Bridgeport where she earned a Master of Science in Education, completing her graduate degree.